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Style vs Steal: Origami Skort

Origami Skorts are everywhere! This one is such a steal cause the good thing about it is that it is very versatile that you can style it the way you wanted! I saw bloggers and online magazines like Candymag showing off different styles on how to wear Origami Skort!

Candymag also gave 5 Ways on how to style the on trend skort, check it here.

And for those who still don’t know where that style came from, well Zara released it and it costs $49.90 😉 Picture below is there original design.


Zara model wearing white origami, long sleeves paired with boots! Cute!

origami skort

Owner Hani Palima wearing Palima Shop‘s Origami Skort.

Yes you heard that right! You can now avail that oh so pricey skort design of Zara from our shop! Very trendy, affordable and chic!

It comes from 3 different color: aqua (worn by owner), purple and white.

I am a tee lover, ever, that’s why i paired it with white tee and nude pumps.

Felt necklace from La Niña Fashion

purple origami skort mirror vanityMore looks 😉 Thanks to La Niña Fashion again for the necklace

Below are my favorite fashion bloggers Camille Co and Kryz Uy!

Check how they wore and style it differently 😉

c    e

What are you waiting for? Steal that look! 😉

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